The following should be read in conjunction with your Bicycle Owners Manual. Please make sure you read carefully and fully understand the following information before allowing you or your child to ride the trike. If you have any questions about the following information please contact Achievable Concepts.


· Observe all state and local traffic regulations, signs and signals. Check with your local police on bicycle licensing and inspection, and where it is legal to ride the trike.

· This product is not designed and should not be used for stunt riding, for off road riding or on uneven surfaces.

· When using this product an appropriate cycling helmet should be worn.

· Normal safety precautions should be followed when using this product care in applying hand brakes, use of appropriate hand signals.

· If this product is supplied with a flag it should be used at all times.

· Children riding trikes should be supervised at all times by an adult. It is recommended that trikes are not ridden in traffic.

· At no stage should children be allowed to stand in or ride in the rear basket.

· Extra precaution should be taken in wet weather or on wet surfaces. The distance needed to stop increases and brakes can be less effective in wet weather.

· Do not ride at night. Vision is quite limited at dawn and dusk.

· Avoid road hazards which may hinder your ability to control your trike. Potholes, ruts, uneven pavement, railway crossings, curbs, manhole covers, storm grating, soft road edges, gravel, speed bumps, leaves, puddles and debris can all have an effect on your riding and result in loss of control. Trikes may tip over if used on uneven surfaces or cornering at speed.

· Never carry passengers on the trike. Never carry packages in your hands or attach anything to the trike which could hinder vision or control.

· Cyclist should be easily seen by others.

· Don't wear anything which may restrict hearing.

· Don't wear extremely loose clothing which could hang down and get caught in the wheels of the trike.

· Make sure all equipment is in good working order. Always check brakes are in good stopping order prior to riding. Regular (weekly or fortnightly) inspections of the trike.

· Inspections should involve tightening all nuts and bolts, checking all equipment for wear and damage and check that frame and fork is correctly aligned. Read attached instruction manual for more details on maintenance.

· Don't ride trike if chain cover or basket are not attached.

· The foam padding on the trike is a safety feature and should not be removed.

· Give pedestrians the right-of-way. Don't ride too close to pedestrians and don't park the trike where it can get in the way.

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