BMX Cool Trikes

The three wheeled Cool Trikes are suitable for children or adults with a range of physical limitations from mild balance problems to more severe disabilities. All BMX Cool Trikes are supplied fixed wheel. The trikes have a wide rear base making them stable in normal conditions and suitable for some people with poor balance. The Cool Trikes also come with standard features including chain guards and a front hand brake. As an optional extra Cool Trikes can also be fitted with a locking brake handle which stabilises the trike for mounting and dismounting. The trikes are made from standard parts which makes servicing easier and come complete with a rear basket.

Kids love the Cool Trikes as they look like the bikes their friends ride. The trikes are available in two sizes: 16" - red frame, and 20" - Blue frame with red rear base. Both have a 74cm wide rear base.

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BMX Cool Trike Prices:


16" BMX Cool Trike CY03 - $990.00

20" BMX Cool Trike CY04 - $990.00

Inclusive of delivery.

TIME OF DELIVERY FROM ORDER DATE: Approx. 4/5 weeks. Trikes come flat packed and require assembly.



















Back Support

The back support is curved and padded for comfort. It is fully adjustable to enable it to suit a range of children.  CY08 - $165.00

Push Handle

The push handle a click on rear handle designed for assisting an adult to push the trike up steep hills or to keep the cyclist from going too fast. CY11 - $40.00

Large Padded Seat
This seat provides extra support. Measures 23cm across x 24cm long. CY07 - $36.00

Velcro Adjustable Footstraps
These footstraps can be adjusted over the top of the foot as well as around the back. This means that the cyclist's foot is held securely on the pedal. CY09 - $64.00  per pair

Please note: Due to model changes each year, the exact configurations seen in these pictures may differ slightly from what is available.

Children riding trikes should be supervised by an adult.
This product is not designed and should not be used for stunt riding, for off road riding or on uneven surfaces.
Normal safety precautions should be followed when using this product including use of helmet and care in applying hand brakes




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