GOLF  for people with disabilities

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 This innovative golf glove assists a person with very poor grip in one hand to firmly hold the golf club allowing a controlled swing. Easily fastened with velcro this glove makes choosing and gripping a club a simple and quick (seconds) action. This glove assists the person with a reduced level of hand grip strength on one side to grasp a golf glove with the assistance of their other fully functioning hand. With a velcro fastening mechanism this glove is easy to fasten and release with each swing and is ideal for people who have strokes or suffer from partial hemiplegia.

Available in Men's or Ladies sizes, small, medium or large, left handed or right handed. Please specify when ordering.
GO01 $55.00 (freight included)

Golf Glove

Joe's Original BACKTEE

This fantastic device allows golfers to tee up the ball without bending over. It can also be used to pick up the tee and ball from the ground. It fits easily to all standard clubs and can be simply removed and placed on varying clubs throughout play.

Joe's Original BACKTEE is ideal for golfers with back pain, knee problems or anyone who has difficulty bending. 

GA08 $14.99 plus $4.50 p& h

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